Storms, Soccer, Streep (and Maybe a Touch of Strep) on Sunday

Ice StormHollyCornblog is back on line and sent along some photos of what it was looking like in her world yesterday. Here’s a beauty!

In the meantime, I had the occasion to drive over toward the Monadnock region of NH (actually Antrim, Peterborough, Greenfield, etc.) and was absolutely shocked at the devastation.  There were trees and power lines down all over, and roads still impassible – and clearly days away from being cleaned up.  We stopped at one store in Greenfield where they were without power and trying to save inventory from their refrigerators, while ringing up sales with calculators and maintaining a refreshingly positive attitude in the face of what had to be a big blow to a small business.

We heard that the drive along Route 4 through Northwood yesterday evening was also dark and riddled with downed trees and power lines and inoperative traffic lights.  Clearly, we were lucky here in Canterbury (although many neighbors remain without electricity here, too).  The destructive reach and power of this storm was not something I could imagine with any measure of accuracy – until I saw it.

On the soccer front, the USWNT defeated China 1-0 at the Home Depot Center on the strength of a goal by Tina Ellertson!  Pia moved her to forward … and she answered with the first goal of her WNT career (Amy Rodriguez had the assist).  In other soccer news, Pia’s contract was renewed … with the “official” announcement expected soon. Asked about the future, here’s part of Pia’s (interesting) response …

“I watched the U-20 World Cup, hopefully we’ll change the team a little bit. I’m impressed with the way they’ve changed their game – I’ve only been here 10 months so I can see many things happening with these players. I can promise you it will not be exactly the same players. We will try to change different players coming in and try to change the chemistry a little bit, the atmosphere a little bit and expectations and I think that’s important going forward. Because, we want to win the gold medal in a different way.”

It’s one more game for the USWNT this month (12/17 in Detroit vs. China) and then not a lot of soccer that I know of (aside from the Algarve Cup in March) – before the start up of the WPS in April.

I was thinking the other day about what a tough time it is to be starting a new league – with the economy in such turmoil and people’s disposable income looking shaky at best.  For that reason, it behooves us that much more (I’m thinking … if we’re in a position to do so) – to step up and buy those season tickets – and those Holiday Gifts – and vote with our pocketbooks, to the extent that we can, to get the WPS off to as good a start as possible this time around!  (I know I’ll be sharing some Breakers love this holiday season!)

Okay – nuff said on the soccer front.  Check this out – a hilarious bit with Meryl and Dave … brief and worth a look.


And here’s a rather damning interview with Colin Powell re. the tactics and future of the GOP.


Then, in tooling around YouTube I came upon some amazing, laugh-out-loud videos featuring the likes of Condi and FDR (separate videos) by dayjoborchestraDJO is not necessarily going to be everybody’s cup of tea … but they sure got me laughing!

Finally … safe travels to our globe-trotting RPE and friends … and Happy Sunday everyone!

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