Obama, US Soccer Awards … Snowy Saturday Stuff

First off – thanks to Alice and Stephen for the compelling discussion of Obama’s choice of Rick Warren for his inauguration.  Time will tell, I suppose, whether Obama is backing away from promises or working toward an inclusiveness that is, at the moment, feeling disheartening and frightening.  After the hope-to-disappointment trajectory of the Clinton years, it’s understandable that we’re all a little gun shy.  I’m willing to continue to consider Obama Lincolnesque and give him the benefit of the doubt (and a measure of my hope) as he works to exert leadership in our fractured and polarized world.  But I am keeping an eye on him … and like Paula R. said, my celebration on January 20 is tempered by some wariness and yes, sadness.  Maybe the sadness is as much about the polarization and (from my perspective) small-mindedness rampant in the US of A.  (Oh yeah, and I also remind myself that a measure of caution and vigilence is probably wise no matter who is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.)

Meanwhile, on The Field Negro, check out the responses to his Warren post …very interesting discussion (and the post ain’t bad either – except for the bit about Aretha – who is and always will be the Queen whether she’s had recent hits or not – IMVHO)!

Moving to far simpler fare, US Soccer has made its annual”Best Of” Awards, and I share some of the (totally USWNT-centric) results below:

Best Performance by a team:


So nice, this snowy morning, to reflect back on a hot August morning, cheering for the amazing run that this team made through the Olympics!

Best 2008 Goal … kind of a no-brainer, I guess …


Best Assist … Tarps-to-Chalupa …


2008 Female Athlete of the Year … hmmm … who could it be now …


Best photo …


and last, not a best of .. but a totally exhausting walkabout with Tobin Heath!


Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m heading downstairs to get some food – and then outside to start digging out after yesterday’s storm.  Ahhhh … winter in NH … how I love thee!

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2 Responses to Obama, US Soccer Awards … Snowy Saturday Stuff

  1. I’m hearing close to double digits for tomorrow … and RPE supposed to be landing at Logan early afternoon. Hope all goes smoothly! (And congratulations on getting her started for another season … I feel much the samw way about the first roar of the lawnmower motor come spring!) Meanwhile – Romo isn’t doing Pliny any favors in ffootball tonight!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Why did I procrastinate in getting the snow blower ready for action?? I did put some “stabil” in the gas tank last year. Wasn’t that enough? No, I pull out the machine at 9pm thursday night, plug in the electric start and the machine makes a horrible grinding noise upon pushing the button…ohno…Multiple storms heading our way..I never am able to pull start the thing on the first start of the year.So, I was reduced to going across the street to a neighbor John, knocked on the door and said “John, I need a man for just 1 minute!” he chuckled, came out and gave 3 good yanks and after a few smoke filled belches my little honda started…was able to run it this morning for clearing snow. LOVE that thing when it starts, swear at it when it wakes up each season NEVER easily…
    hears to another snowy winter in NH..how much tomorrow????????????


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