Quoth the Raven …

My goodness gracious … America’s team lost to the Baltimore Ravens last night … giving the Eagles a slightly larger sliver of hope for making the play-off’s (as they meet the Redskins at 4:15).  Derrick Mason played a heckuva game (why do I want to say “Brownie” all of a sudden?).  He was pretty much one-armed and in excruciating pain for most of it – but making catches, recovering fumbles, doing it all.  Rookie Joe Flacco stayed within himself and avoided turning the ball over – and there were two (yes TWO) improbable, long runs from scrimmage that led to Ravens scores at the end of the game – and shut the door with a bang on the ‘boys.

(Sorry to spend so much time on football, Alice and others … but this just made me SO happy!)  I wonder whether TO kept quiet … or  indulged himself in some post-game recriminations.  Sounds like he took the high road … but it’s a long week and there will be lots of chances to talk … πŸ˜‰

The snow is starting, as I write, and RPE’s flight got cancelled, so she’s arriving @ 4 hours later, on a different flight.  (Unfortunately, that means the storm will be stormier when they’re coming in.)  Ah – weather in New England!

In snowy Chicago, Rod-B (that’s the embattled guv) is asserting his innocence and granting pardons.  (Hmmmm.)  Oh yeah, and reciting poems.  Here’s Rachel Maddow completing his recitation for him!

Must publish now – Alice is getting restive!  More later, most likely .. πŸ˜‰

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