Nascient Senators, Nude Governors, Alaska Arrests … Just a Quiet, Snowy Sunday in NH

Caroline Kennedy is beginning to articulate some of her positions, as noted in this article from the NY Times.  While I like what I know of her, and am in agreement with her stated positions, I do find this run somewhat puzzling after a lifetime of pretty adamant privacy.  She comes across as much more erudite and intellectually qualified than Sarah Palin – but the comparisons are inevitable. I would not be unhappy (from a policy/position standpoint) were Caroline chosen.  But I have to think that her re-election might be an uphill climb, as those who have long toiled in the trenches might be unhappy about being leap-frogged over by someone seen as royalty – and someone who would be cashing in on that in order to secure the Senate seat.  But then again, maybe she will be fabulous when she hits the Senate floor … and a shoe-in in 2010! Time will tell … won’t it.

Bruce Elliot has followed his painting of a nude Sarah Palin with a nude Governor Blagojevich.  These apparently form the cornerstone of his “Nude Governors” portrait series. (And I’m guessing that all the guvs that Obama has added to his Cabinet are breathing small sighs of relief!)


Keep painting for fun, Bruce – we love it!

Meanwhile – more trouble in Palin-land, as Bristol’s future mother-in-law is arrested on drug-related charges.  Oops – the underbelly of those good old repressive family values just keeps popping up … inevitable … doncha think?  I suppose I should feel badly for all involved … but you know, after what Sarah wanted to shove down my throat … nah … I’ll savor this like a Cowboys’ loss!

Finally, as a quick, helpful resource for tracking Team Obama (and seeing those happy, fully clothed ex-Governors), here’s this, from the NY Times.

Now I’m gonna go see what the accumulation is looking like so far this morning …

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