After the Party's Over …

SunriseHere’s hoping you had a nice holiday … as the sun rises on December 26, 2008.  I thought I’d share a couple of photos that HollyCornblog sent along from Cape May, New Jersey.  Here’s sunrise on the beach (yesterday).  Check out the gulls silhouetted against the waves.

It sounded like it was a gorgeous day for strolling along the beach.  Here in NH it was pretty warm and sunny – and much of the snow that we all shoveled or blew or otherwise removed just a few days ago – disappeared.

SunsetSo anyway – here’s HollyCornblog’s second beach picture – this of the sunset – looking South toward Cape May Point and its lighthouse … and Delaware Bay.

You probably need to click on both pictures to be able to see any kind of detail.

I see from the Visitor Locations in the sidebar (that misspelling is an artifact of the widget, by the way … wish I could fix it but I can’t). Llanerch DinerAnyway, I see a visitor from Havertown … Hi CB!  I hope you made it to the Llanerch Diner this trip!  It sounds like it isn’t exactly the same (based on some of the reviews on Yelp) – but it sure looks the same.  Especially on the inside 😉

Sorry, guys – not much is striking me today, news-wise.  I’ll have to get back up to speed tomorrow morning (when I don’t have to run off to work).  😦

In the meantime, here’s a special JordanCornblog offer for the new year.  (This springs from my fond memory of an offer CB made in the midst of a yard sale at our house back in 1977 or 78 … one summer Saturday … not far from the Llanerch Diner, by the way.  She put up a sign at the table where we were taking money.  It said, “Say the Secret Word and Win a Prize.”  No one won that day, as I remember … but CB’s (and Groucho’s) idea stuck with me.

So that’s the offer, here – say the secret word – and win a wonderful product from the JordanCornblog Store.  (And no, dear reader … it won’t be a thong!)

I have a secret word in mind … really … and have even written it down, so I don’t forget.  Write the secret word in a comment … and a fabulous prize will be yours!

Isn’t this just what you have been waiting for?

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10 Responses to After the Party's Over …

  1. ChristopherCornblog WINS!!!!!!!


  2. Chris Cornblog says:



  3. Small word … not small meaning. Good thinking, though. I’ll try to think of another clue and put it in today’s post …


  4. CB says:

    Dwarf? Or even smaller yet, wee?


  5. Okay – so we’ve got prosaic, rooked, fluffernutter, symphysis, fine corinthian leather, jubilation, lewdness, and doubt. (If we were at a Willie Porter concert, he would be making a song of these words even as I write.

    I am sorry, my friends. As amazing and varied and creative as these words are, they are none of them, close to being the secret word.

    YECH! I just said, “My friends.” Can’t believe I did that. YECH, YECH … :^(

    At any rate – here’s a small clue. Very small. Very, very small … it’s a one syllable word. (So you can forget the fine Corinthian leather and the jubilation – something much, much shorter – though I’d never call this word prosaic (not after the way CB defined it for me!)

    And what the hell is symphysis?


  6. Alice NYE says:

    What about “jubilation” “lewdness” or “doubt”????


  7. boltgirl says:

    *ahem* ah… fluffernutter? symphysis? fine corinthian leather?


  8. CB says:

    We ate at the Llanerch Diner that day? What did we have? As I recall you sold the Hummel to a dealer for something like $1 instead. You still got rooked! (Is rooked the secret word?) BTW, shouldn’t you be working?????

    Definitions of prosaic on the Web:
    matter-of-fact: not fanciful or imaginative; “local guides describe the history of various places in matter-of-fact tones”; “a prosaic and …
    pedestrian: lacking wit or imagination; “a pedestrian movie plot”
    commonplace: not challenging; dull and lacking excitement; “an unglamorous job greasing engines”


  9. JordanCornblog says:

    LOL – no – not prosaic. (But I am curious about what you mean by prosaic – related to memories of you. Maybe I don’t know what prosaic means!)

    As I recall there actually was NO secret word that day … or maybe you just kept it very mum and weren’t telling us what it was. Mostly I just remember how hilarious and ridiculous the rest of us thought the whole concept was …

    And it was an odd day anyway- starting with the Llanerch Diner and driving by the house after breakfast and seeing Dad outside with a line of people waiting at the front steps – chomping at the bit to get into the freaking yard sale! And then moving forward to the tea towels … and that hummel figure that I was going to sell for $.10 ’til you stopped me .. and on and on …

    So, no – prosaic is not the secret word … but there definitely is one. 😉


  10. CB says:

    I have no memory of that offer back in 1977 or 78 although I clearly and dearly remember the yard sale. My mother still has the embroidered tea towels I bought that day hanging in her powder room. (Some old lady offered you a ridiculous price and when you agreed to take it, I insisted you sell them to me instead.) Anyway, it seems like every memory you have involving me is just so prosaic! What was the secret word that day? Is that the secret word today: prosaic?


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