Sleety Saturday Here

First off, Chip Saltsmann. The candidate for the chairmanship of the RNC sent around a Holiday CD that reminds us all, yet again, of why the Republican Party is having such a hard time these days.  Here’s one of the songs (brought to us via You Tube) …


I am not surprised that the RNC would have its head up its butt … but the truly amazing thing is how FAR up its butt that old GOP head can get!

Meanwhile, in a turn of events that is probably quite shocking for President Bush (although we suspect he is unaware of it), recent polls indicate that 3/4 of the American people are glad to see the Prez go.  We hate him – we hate him!  An even larger percentage hope that he pretty much disappears and is never heard from again.  (I actually hope that we hear a LOT about him and his cronies in the coming years, as they are indicted and tried for crimes they committed while in office.)

And I have to say that it kinda bugs me that we, as a nation, are not doing some soul-searching as we repudiate the guy.  I certainly don’t mind the repudiation – but we are a populace that elected Dubya twice.   Okay – once – and maybe not even that.  But the fact that he ever got enough votes to even make it close – either time – is an indictment of us – not just him.  I hope that we have learned something over the past eight years – and will start listening to the angels of our better natures as we cast our votes (rather than the fears and hatreds stirred up by “mongerers”  of various stripes – like the dude running for the RNC chair – just for instance.)

I read on Politico that Jeb Bush is looking like a candidate for the Florida Senate.   Enough already.  Really.  Enough.

Cape May SunriseHollyCornblog sent along another sunrise photo from Cape May … taken yesterday morning.  Today they are in Philly – and tomorrow they head home.

Here in NH, the movie-going at Red River has been especially enjoyable of late, with Slumdog Millionaire before Christmas, and Doubt last night.  Both were excellent – and I was particularly blown away by Meryl Streep’s nuanced performance.  Pat Summitt in a habit … not someone to mess with, that’s for sure!

Okay – so I promised another clue in the very exciting JordanCornblog secret word contest.  Hmmmm.  Don’t want to give it away  Let’s just say that when you hear what the word is, you’ll realize that it’s something that JordanCornblog and Boltgirl are pretty much on the same page about – and Princess Sparkle Pony wouldn’t even wave a sparkly hoof at.  Good luck – I’m sure it’s right on the tip of your tongue!

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19 Responses to Sleety Saturday Here

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Nice try, Hol – except it’s gotta be one syllable …

    Hey, how about those Eagles???!!!


  2. Holly says:



  3. Alice says:

    Poke? Pink? Park? Pulp?

    Good night.


  4. CB says:

    Psst. Is it pie? How about Pi?


  5. CB says:

    P.S. I did not go to Lynnewood. I didn’t go to grade school in Havertown although my little sister went to Manoa. Why?


  6. CB says:

    I saw the Brad Pitt movie on Christmas. Save your money. It’s a Forest Gump re-tread with Dorian Gray thrown in only slooooooooooooooower.
    Milk on the other hand is one for the ages.


  7. Glad it worked, Alice – no go on the guesses, though!


  8. Alice NYE says:

    All fine on my Mac–video links, photos, no white vacuums: yay Mac. Guess my PC’s getting old for this modern technology.

    Ping? Pong? Pang?Pant?


  9. Alice says:


    BTW, the link to Chip’s song is still missing. White space prevails alas (lemme try my Mac–I’ve been on my PC)..


  10. PS I think the tracking mechanism for the blog goes by your IP hook-up – so it’s probably recognizing your parents’ internet provider – which is why it comes up as Havertown.


  11. So many good movies out there right now. I’m hoping to see Christmas Tale before it leaves Concord. Then there’s Milk … the Brad Pitt one whose title escapes me just now … oh, and Pitt is not the word, nor is pit …, nor post, piss, pee. Sorry!

    Whatcha going to the Apple Store for???


  12. CB says:

    How the hell does your blog know I am in Havertown????? I am using my own laptop………Unless there is someone else in Havertown reading it. Who could that be?


  13. CB says:

    I drove right by the art museum about 12 hours ago. Saw Gran Torino. Fabulous.
    Today I am going to Ardmore–to the Apple Store!
    Post! Piss! Pee!


  14. Holly is somewhere in the city – near the Art Museum, I think. Too bad … the Diner would be a great idea!

    Did you go to Lynnwood School?

    Blog? Nah.
    Help? Nah.

    Starts with a P! (Last clue for today …)


  15. CB says:

    Is Holly in Havertown? Can she meet me at the Llanerch Diner?


  16. These are promising developments … not as close as they might be … but certainly closer than before!


  17. Alice says:

    I got it: Bush or bush. Maybe bleep?


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