The Real Pia

Thanks to HollyCornblog, I am reminded of what I actually meant by my secret word … it was pia the herb, of course.  In fact, I am drinking a nice cup of pia tea with honey as I write this post.  Later today, I will be using some pia starch when I iron the Christmas table clothes and napkins and put them away for another year.  (I use pia starch every year, which is probably why the word was on my mind for the recent contest.)

Oh yeah.

This year I am really going to aim to follow through on my New Year’s resolve to exercise more.  My mantra will be “The 15-Minute Rule” – meaning that 15-minutes of exercising is better than nothing – WAY better.  Fifteen minutes is nothing to be shunned or sneezed at – or any of the other minimizing and/or dismissive ploys I use to let myself off the hook.

Indeed, 15-minutes is one quarter of football … which is my segue into sharing this great article about the Eagles that my friend Don in Erie shared with me yesterday.   What an improbable path to the play-off’s, huh?  I have to say, it’s a shame that a little of that Eagles luck didn’t fall New England’s way … after their improbably excellent season.  Can the Eagles do it?  You betcha – they are playing some hot football these days.  Minnesota – watch out!

In other sports news, the Belmont (NH) girls’ basketball team is in the finals of the Lakes Region Christmas Tournament.  (Go BHS – definitely a team to watch as the season rolls on!)

The RNC has issued an apology for the “Barack the Magic Negro” debacle – ably covered by Andy Borowitz, as always!  Meanwhile, Bristol Palin has had a baby boy – named Tripp.  I think I’ll just follow Rachel Maddow’s lead and lay off.

And speaking of Rachel Maddow … here’s a piece on You Tube – “Rachel Maddow & Katha Pollitt take Rick Warren to the woodshed.”  Not the newest news, but interesting …


Have a great day!

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1 Response to The Real Pia

  1. CB says:

    Nice spin, but don’t quit your day job just yet.


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