Ringing Out the Old, Ringing In the New

Randomness rules this morning, as 2008 draws to a close with a snowy NH forecast, fighting continuing in the Middle East, a new President in the wings, the WPS (that’s Women’s Professional Soccer for those not well-versed in key JordanCornblog acronyms) will be kicking off in April, and the Pats out of the play-off’s for the first time in a long span of NFL seasons.

Speaking of the WPS, if you’re a Google Calendar user, import the WNT calendar (that’s the Women’s National Team) and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see all the WPS games populate your Google Calendar.  Very cool and thanks to whoever did that!

Not much here this morning, I’m sorry to say – and I’m running late … so I’ll crib from The Writer’s Almanac again.  George Bilgere, this morning … a poem I particularly liked:

Night Flight

I am doing laps at night, alone
In the indoor pool. Outside
It is snowing, but I am warm
And weightless, suspended and out
Of time like a fly in amber.

She is thousands of miles
From here, and miles above me,
Ghosting the stratosphere,
Heading from New York to London.
Though it is late, even
At that height, I know her light
Is on, her window a square
Of gold as she reads mysteries
Above the Atlantic. I watch

The line of black tile on the pool’s
Floor, leading me down the lane.
If she looks down by moonlight,
Under a clear sky, she will see
Black water. She will see me
Swimming distantly, moving far
From shore, suspended with her
In flight through the wide gulf
As we swim toward land together.

To all who travel … or will soon be traveling.  Godspeed!

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