POTUS to add to SCOTUS

The retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens creates another opening on the Supreme Court for President Obama to fill.  Quickly elevating the discussion, as one would expect him to, Glenn Beck has speculated in predictably sophomoric fashion that POTUS will choose a gay, handicapped, black, female immigrant to serve.  The comments following the post are, as always, very entertaining!  And Mr. Beck is, as always, just shrill and stupid.  I wonder if he would see Sarah Palin as qualified?

Sounds like Elena Kagan is a front-runner – smart, and without a large paper trail of legal opinions for the GOP to tear into.  I hate it that it’s that way – and that Obama may, from a practical standpoint, have to go more conservative than many of us would wish.  After all, look what just happened with Dawn Johnson … someone that any reasonable legislators would have approved a long time ago!

Enough – it’s a beautiful morning and deconstruction of shallow political bickering is just going to depress me.  How about some good soccer news … like the fact that the WPS season kicks off this weekend!?  How does it all shape up?  Who’ll be fast out of the gate?  Who’ll falter?  How will Marta do up the coast with FC Gold Pride?  Will the Breakers’ develop some scoring punch to go with their defensive prowess?  We shall see!  The Breakers play the Freedom tonight at 7PM ET in DC.  You’ll be able to follow it on MatchTracker at the Breakers’ site.  Tomorrow night it’s Sky Blue vs. Boltgirl’s Red Stars on FSC … and off we go!

Check out the Set Piece podcast, previewing the coming WPS season (or use the player below …)!

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