Cleansing the Palate

This comment from my friend over at Nourishing Words was helpful and eye-opening for me … a worthy challenge.  Read on:

JC – I had to rush in from my digging and weeding (really!) when this thought came to mind, regarding your focus on (distraction by?) Ms. S.P. I make a conscious effort to mention Ben Hewitt on my blog and on twitter as often as reasonably possible, so that I can play a role in raising awareness about him and his new book (The Town That Saved Food). I’m contributing to his google ranking in doing that and, in my own way, his notoriety. You’re contributing to S.P.’s also, every time you mention her name, even if you’re tearing her apart.

I wonder, if all of us who wish she would go away got together and ignored her by never mentioning her name again, could we have any meaningful collective effect on diminishing her importance? Would she (or someone smart enough to see it, who advises her) see her google rankings go down? Just a thought. I’m trying so hard to believe in the power of one; I’m going to try it. At the very least, we could pour that energy into something or someone more deserving.

I responded as follows:

Thank you – I think you are absolutely right and I will try what you suggest. It will be cleansing and I thoroughly agree about the power of one. Starting today … no more adding to the SEO for Ms. you-know-who!

There are far more useful things to do with my energies … and I’ll use the same clear-eyed and well-grounded thinking when it comes to the other bottom feeders that it is so easy to get caught up in ridiculing.  Why incrementally increase their Google rank?  Why, indeed!

So, in keeping with this new resolve, I’ll share a snippet from Huffpo about Tina Fey’s performance last night when she hosted SNL.

She’s one talented comedienne, isn’t she?

The skit is definitely worth a peek.  😉

In other news, the Phillies and Red Sox both won … as did the Breakers in their away opener against the Washington Freedom!

Sounds like Lil was stellar with 2 assists for the B’s (goals by Lauren Cheney and Kelly Smith).  The Phils sit atop the majors with a nifty, early April team batting average of .337!  (Top that, damn Yankees!)

The WNBA draft netted Tina Charles for the Connecticut Sun.  (I’m thinking it’s time for a trip down to Mohegan Sun, eh, Dewd?)  Here’s how it all shaped up …

Pick Team Record
1 Connecticut Sun | Tina Charles | Connecticut 16-18
2 Minnesota Lynx | Monica Wright | Virginia 14-20
3 Minnesota Lynx | Kelsey Griffin | Nebraska (traded to Connecticut) 14-20
4 Chicago Sky | Epiphanny Prince | Botas/Rutgers 16-18
5 San Antonio Silver Stars | Jayne Appel | Stanford 15-19
6 Washington Mystics | Jacinta Monroe | Florida State 16-18
7 Connecticut Sun | Danielle McCray | Kansas 16-18
8 Los Angeles Sparks | Andrea Riley | Oklahoma State 18-16
9 Atlanta Dream | Chanel Mokango | Mississippi State 18-16
10 Seattle Storm | Alison Lacey | Iowa State 20-14
11 Indiana Fever | Jene Morris | San Diego State 22-12
12 Los Angeles Sparks | Bianca Thomas | Mississippi 18-16
Pick Team Record
13 New York Liberty | Kalana Greene | Connecticut 13-21
14 Washington Mystics | Jenna Smith | Illinois 16-18
15 Connecticut Sun | Allison Hightower | Louisiana 16-18
16 New York Liberty | Ashley Houts | Georgia 16-18
17 San Antonio Silver Stars | Alysha Clark | Middle Tennessee 15-19
18 Washington Mystics | Shanavia Dowdell | Louisiana Tech 16-18
19 Tulsa Shock | Amanda Thompson | Oklahoma 18-16
20 Los Angeles Sparks | Angel Robinson | Georgia 18-16
21 Atlanta Dream | Brigitte Ardossi | Georgia Tech 18-16
22 Seattle Storm | Tanisha Smith | Texas A&M 20-14
23 Indiana Fever | Armelie Lumanu | Mississippi State 22-12
24 Phoenix Mercury | Tyra Grant | Penn State 23-11
Pick Team Record
25 New York Liberty | Cory Montgomery | Nebraska 13-21
26 Minnesota Lynx | Gabriela Marginean | Drexel 14-20
27 Connecticut Sun | Johannah Leedham | Franklin Pierce 16-18
28 Chicago Sky | Abi Olajuwon | Oklahoma 16-18
29 San Antonio Silver Stars | Alexis Rack | Mississippi State 15-19
30 Washington Mystics | Alexis Gray-Lawson | California 16-18
31 Tulsa Shock | Vivian Frieson | Gonzaga 18-16
32 Los Angeles Sparks | Rashidat Junaid | Rutgers 18-16
33 Atlanta Dream | Brittainey Raven | Texas 18-16
34 Seattle Storm| Tijana Krivacevic | Hungary 20-14
35 Indiana Fever | Joy Cheek | Duke 22-12
36 Phoenix Mercury | Nyeshia Stevenson | Oklahoma 23-11

Finally … HAPPY VACATION HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew … ENJOY!

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