What a Beautiful Monday Morning!

And what a beautiful weekend!  These are the kinds of days when I can sometimes struggle with the feeling that I am not adequately appreciating the gifts of the moment … talk about finding a way to sabotage oneself!!

The daffodils are in full bloom here, and the buds are bursting … and the bugs are just starting to stir, but haven’t yet made outdoor activity virtually untenable.  In short – it’s been an incredible string of days!

I learned, over the weekend, about a fun travelogue blog that I’ve added to my sidebar … An English Education.  Check it out – it’ll make you want to travel and/or go back to college … and/or both!  Nicely done, Emily!

On the SCOTUS front, I’m struck by Arianna Huffington’s suggestion that Elizabeth Warren be selected by Obama.  I think she is awesome, but would hate to lose her services in the Executive Branch … or even as someone who might run for office.  Of the names I’ve seen bandied about, the one I like best is Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.  She’s smart, savvy, and (as a Canadian) precluded from other high office … so let’s get her situated where we can best use her smarts and skills over the long haul!  That’s what I’m thinking.

Turning to more mundane matters, the Phillies won a close one yesterday, as the Doctor posted the first complete game of the year in MLB.  Today’s the Phillies’ home opener, with Hamels on the mound.  The Red Sox won … and sadly the Yankees did, too.  In WPS play, Sky Blue defeated the Red Stars, the Athletica (with Lori Chalupny back) handed it to Marta and her FC Gold Pride, while our two expansion teams … Atlanta and Philly … played to a 0-0 tie out in West Chester, PA!

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew are heading to Galax, VA for some trail biking and (I’m guessing) beer tasting.

And me?  I’m looking at a brief run … maybe a walk with the dogs in the woods … and sending off my taxes.  I owe money this year and you know what?  I don’t mind sending it in.  I get so anoyed with the teabagger types who get all het up about paying taxes.  Where do they think the roads that they drive on come from?  What exactly is it that they don’t think they should have to pay for?  I mean, really!  And what ever happened to the idea of sharing?

Ahhhhh.  Okay, just breathe in, breathe out.  It’s a beautiful day and there’s room enough in the world for me and ten or twnety teabaggers.  You have a right to your opinions.  I’m gonna just enjoy the day and let it go.

Happy b-day mld!  😉

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