Oh Man … the Vatican is Amazing, Ain't It?

Rather than pony up and cleanse its collective soul with the much touted power of the confessional (apparently what’s good for the goose ain’t good for the gander), the big hats at the Vatican are now casting the spotlight on homosexuality as the culprit in their sex scandal issues.  Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, shame on you.  What an immoral and misguided ploy as you try to slither away from taking responsibility!  How’s your immortal soul doing?

Meanwhile, another bishop (Giacomo Babini) is apparently blaming the Jews for the criticism of the Catholic Church and its response to sex abuse claims.  Paranoia reigns, as things continue to unravel in the pontificate. Even Catholics seem to be questioning the heirarchy in its handling of these matters … a sign that there is intelligent life in the church!

A new Pew survey shows that while Catholics are still more positive than Americans in general about Pope Benedict XVI’s handling of the abuse scandal, they have grown more critical of how he has addressed the issue.

In a telephone survey of 1,001 adults conducted April 1-5, more than one in 10 Americans, or 12 percent, said the pope has done an excellent or good job in handling the abuse scandal and 71 percent said he had done only a fair or poor job.

Out of all the Catholics in the survey group, 32 percent said the pope has done an excellent or good job, but 59 percent rated his handling of the scandal as fair or poor. Of Catholics who said they attend Mass weekly, 44 percent gave the pope a rating of excellent or good, while 49 percent said he was doing a fair or poor job.

Power surely corrupts, doesn’t it?  This is an ongoing and ugly display of it, that’s for sure.

On a MUCH happier note … Boltgirl has a Droid … and I am definitely just a month or two behind.  Check out the review at her place … it’s exactly what I hoped for on all fronts!

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2 Responses to Oh Man … the Vatican is Amazing, Ain't It?

  1. Hey, thanks, Paula – this is great to know. Maybe we should plan another chiminea … and stare at your cell phone for a bit! 😉

    Hope you’re having a good week … and sorry about those b-ball brackets. NEXT year!!!


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    I, too, have the Verizon Droid Eris phone and am quite happy with it. I am not much of a texter but am finding I do it more often lately. I love the gmail access and general internet when needed. Many apps to choose from. Love it!


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