When Worlds Collide

I was met with the sickening cries of hate and fear as I passed through Downtown Concord today. The teabaggers were in town (see here for a full definition of these folk), ranting and raving about our overtaxed system and “socialist” president.  They wore buttons, flew flags, passed out pamphlets and promoted the likes of Jennifer Horn and Ovide Lamontagne.  Despite my recent bout with the flu, this wave of nausea was attributed to the thick fog of disgust that filled the air.  And, in fact, there was an awfully foul smell making its way down Main Street about that time.  Hmmm….I digress!

New Hampshire is in the throes of a major budget crisis.  The programs and rights that people have come to rely upon are being cut down before our very eyes.  DHHS is set,  yet again, to bore the brunt of the budget cuts.  Millions of federal dollars cannot be used as we, as a state, cannot match the gifted monies.  People are pointing fingers, wondering why the cuts are higher in some areas and less in others.  Our judicial branch is, most literally, dying.  We scramble to find money and swallow the fact that we are forced to put another agency, another life, in dire straits to meet our constitutional obligations.

The state continues to make cuts to satisfy the cries of the “no’s” and neglects to recognize the urgency of finding a steady source of revenue.  For the first time in New Hampshire’s history, legalizing gambling is a real possibility.  As frightening as this may seem, many legislators feel as if there are no other viable alternatives.  There is no more fat to cut from this slim budget.  Without this potential (I use the term VERY loosely) revenue stream, they fear more programs for the elderly, disabled and others will be compromised.  But there are the imbeciles standing on the street corners, protesting an overtaxed system.  They ranted about overspending and health care.  Many held signs about “no more welfare” and “return to work”.  Ironically enough, this was at 2:00 p.m. on a Tuesday.  Why weren’t they at work?  Again, I digress…

What would happen if we could work together to resolve the issues?  Does one have the right to complain about what is wrong if they cannot offer a solution to make it right?  I, too, am losing faith in my government.  Not because I am sick of their “tax and spend” behavior but for exactly the opposite.  When will we realize that it’s no longer feasible to continue down this path?  What will it take to stunt this small state from its gripping fear of a broad based tax?  One can only go so deep with a cut before they do irreparable, even fatal, damage.

Move on to your next stop, TeaParty Express.  Pack up your buttons, your flags, your “fact” sheets, and, most importantly, your mouths and get outta town.  Your message is of no use here…..

PS – on a lighter note, the beat of music that plays when visiting JordanCornBlog really gets the head bobbing!!

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