Sad Anniversary

It’s the 145 anniversary of the day Lincoln was shot … a day that I always marked, growing up, enamored of everything having to do with Lincoln, as I was.

I well remember pouring over Jim Bishop’s The Day Lincoln was Shot – enthralled by the minute-to-minute account of that day.  (As I recall, I nearly read it in a single sitting, while visiting my father’s cousin’s family when I was about 9 or 10 … having discovered it in a bookshelf at their house.)  As to WHY I was so enthralled … that’s grist for another post, someday!

I’m running late as usual … but wanted to also share the WPS Power rankings after the week 1 games … Boston having moved up on the strength of goals from Lauren Cheney and Kelly Smith – and their usual solid defense.  Onward Breakers – it’s Philly next … and a rare glimpse of JordanCornblog rooting AGAINST a team from The City of Brotherly Love.

Speaking of which, the Phillies play their second home game this afternoon (Kendrick on the mound) … and continue to pile up the early-season wins.  (This’ll stand them in good stead come September.)  Meanwhile the Sox have a 1PM-ish start up in Minnesota.

Oh … and love the new post from AMR … you GO girl!

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