JordanCornblog just hasn’t been quite feeling herself since eating some left-over chili for lunch on Saturday.  It makes me appreciate my generally good health … as well as offering a glimpse of how easily I tip from health into hypochrondria.  (How a little belly pain translates into all manner of direness in the wink of an eye would be magical, were it not annoying.)

In the meantime, in the realm of news-you-either-already-know-or-probably-don’t-care-about, the Red Sox and Phillies lost … and the Breakers and Athletica tied.

I’ll be back on track tomorrow, I’m sure … 😉

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1 Response to Phew!

  1. AMR says:

    Something tells me that “Red Sox losing” will be a common post for you this year. Ughhhh!


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