Oh Snap!

The Phillies just invested a TON of money in Ryan Howard and seem to be getting a lot of negative press about it … not sure I agree.  Then to top things off, Doc Halladay got his first loss of the season at the hands of the Giants … while I was sleeping.  Snap!  Crashburn Ally does a nice analysis (as always) of the Howard deal.  And I hope he is wrong in his projections!

Meanwhile, in a wild one that will cheer AMR, the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays last night.

Oh, and all of the GOP Senators, plus Ben Nelson, voted to filibuster financial reform.  Not enough in it for ya, Ben?

And in Arizona, I like this .. someone smeared refried beans on the State Capitol … in the shape of swastikas.  That is so perfect, in so many ways.

Oh, and did you know that Obama is “god’s punishment on us“?  Yeah, that’s the latest news out of the great state of Texas.  You know, the state that brought us god’s great gift, Dubya.  Thanks for the incisive analysis, Texas … much appreciated.

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