So, What to Write About Today?

I don’t want to be abusing your kind attention by posting drivel … but by the same token, it’s probably a drag to visit here day after day and see nothing new.  (Or even worse, depressing posts about Phillies’ and Flyers’ scores …)  So, what to do?

I am getting closer and closer to the day that a phone upgrade is possible … so being a gadget geek with a Droid on the horizon, it’s not so difficult to look at some cool things one can do with an iPad and remain pretty much dispassionate about the whole thing …


There’s some soccer about to be played in South Africa, from what I hear … so here is the link to the official site … for those in need.

The Breakers were going to be playing the Athletica this coming Saturday … and sadly, that game has been cancelled … although I hear that the players will be there and available for any ticket-holders wo don’t get the message …

I can’t bring myself to write about the oil spill … just can’t.

And here’s a link to some Commencement photos taken by the father of a friend of RPE’s (with RPE and us in the mix … ) but you have to search (and know what you’re looking for) …


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1 Response to So, What to Write About Today?

  1. boltgirl says:

    Oh, phoo. I have no idea who to look for–but it all looks grand, so congrats, and *splink* champagne bottles breaking on the bow of whatever comes next.


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