I'm So Far Behind I'll Be Ahead Soon!

That’s my hopeful prognosis … as I quickly scan the news for tidbits, such as:

  • The Flyers’ OT win!  Alright, AMR, we’re on a roll now!!!
  • That horrible call up in Detroit.  (I’m thinking Obama needs to step in and overturn that one, if MLB doesn’t take care of business.)
  • Sarah Silverman’s flap with Fox News … which has led me to purchase her book The Bedwetter … as part of the effort to move it up on Amazon’s best-sellers list (and as a satisfying little f**k you to Fox).

I’m sure there’s more … but, as usual … out of time here!

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1 Response to I'm So Far Behind I'll Be Ahead Soon!

  1. AMR says:

    Never give up on those damn Phlyers!


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