Friday Fulmonations

After reading (and while still listening to) a beautiful piece by Boltgirl on the conflict-inducing hold of religion for some (many) of us … I am looking out the window at a sunny spring morning (yup, still spring – tho’ it feels like it’s been summer for @ 3 months now).  And I’m thinking about baseball … not the Phillies … but bad calls and good sportsmanship … and tradition.  I’m talking Tigers baseball … and the blown call … Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga … and the puzzling (to my mind) inaction of MLB and Bud Selig.

What do you think?  Terry Francona thinks the call should stand … and Governor Granholm has issued a proclamation giving Galarraga the perfect game.  If Selig were going to overturn the call, I’m thinking he’d have done it by now … and I wish he had … out of kindness to the Umpire as much as anything else.

Listen to this interview with Joyce … very forthright … very sad.


It’s not like he’d be changing a call in the 5th inning that might have affected subsequent events in the game.  And it’s not like the next guy up got a hit.  It is a unique situation.  I’d be hard pressed to believe that Selig is creating a precedent for anything that’s likely to recur.

The cynic in me thinks that prolonging this creates more press for baseball … and therefore more viewers … and maybe more ticket buyers … and possibly more revenue.  Controversy, after all, heightens interest.  So maybe he is just holding off and will eventually overturn the thing.  Or maybe he is seeking more counsel.  I hope so … because Joyce and Galarraga and the Tigers have all comported themselves with such dignity and grace and sportsmanship … a part of me hopes they will all be rewarded for it.

Then again, I guess there are always the intrinsic rewards of dignity and grace and sportsmanship … enough in themselves … and maybe the most important lesson to come from all of this … for players, umpires, politicians … and fans of the game like yours truly.

On the WPS front, the Breakers have waived Maggie Tomecka and have signed Lindsay Tarpley … while the Freedom and FC Gold Pride will play on Saturday for first place in the league (and Gold Pride have added Shannon Boxx to their already-strong collection of soccer players)!

And … a reminder to all Breakers fans … tomorrow’s scheduled game with the Athletica is OFF!  (No more Athletica … no more game.)

The Flyers and Blackhawks face off at 8PM ET tonight in game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals … and yes, the Phillies are probably playing somewhere, too.

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