Share a Moment with Meryl at Barnard

ChristopherCornblog steered me toward this …wonderful!

What an amazing woman … enjoy … and at least listen to the whole thing – well worth it!!!


I love the part about waking up in the middle of the night … “OMG, I have a paper due and I haven’t done ANY of the reading!”  (Yikes … as I mention it, I do believe one of those dreams visited my sleep just the other night.)

Relieving a not insignificant source of tension between Alice and myself, the Phlyers have bowed out of the Stanley Cup Phinals after six games … taking Chicago to OT before succumbing to the heavily favord Blackhawks.  Congrats, Chicago, on your first Cup in many, many years!

On the WPS front … the Breakers are well-represented amongst the All Stars (way to go Amy, Lauren, Kelly and Lil!)  Now, could you just start winning as Breakers?  Maybe start on Sunday against Sky Blue???

And while we’re in You Tube mode … here’s the detail on my Shaggy reference yesterday … an old fav from the days of driving RPE and friends to sporting events before they had licenses (the last time I was seriously and persistently exposed to popular music) …


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