Skelton in the Closet?

Boltgirl posted a video of Rachel Maddow discussing Congressman Ike Skelton’s disinclination to deal with “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”.  Why?

“He just feels icky about the whole idea of ‘the gay’ and he doesn’t want to hear it discussed, so 14,000 Americans have to be fired from their jobs in the military because Congressman Ike Skelton is ooged out by the word ‘gay,'” said Maddow.

So, let’s get real here.  I’m thinking it’s just a matter of time before Ike joins the ranks of the other dudes who are hugely “ooged” about ‘the gay’ because they are actually working very, very, VERY hard at repressing the precise abomination they are all ooged about.

Yup – there’s a Skelton in the Closet!

Here’s a listing of some of Congressman Skelton’s affiliations and activities (taken from SourceWatch):

Boards and other Affiliations

* Academy of Missouri Squires

* Boy Scouts of America

* Distinguished Eagle Scout, Eagle Scout

* Elder, First Christian Church, Lexington

* Elks

* Vice Chairman, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Board

* Co-Chair, Impact Aid Coalition

* Lions

* Masonic Bodies

* Guardian of Small Business, National Foundation of Independent Business

* National Guard and Reserve Components Congressional Members Organization

* Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

* Sachem in Mic-O-Say

What leaps out at you?  Boy Scouts?  Yup – and also that Christian Church involvement.  Red Flags for sure.  And “Masonic Bodies”?  Sounds awfully oogie to me!

So I’m starting the countdown now … and we’ll see how long it actually takes for Ike to tell us what he really likes!

Other snippets?  Congrats to Alice and the Celtics on evening the series.  Big Baby certainly came through!

And have you seen the “What if BP had Spilled Coffee?” video?  Here it is:


Oh yeah … and there’s some soccer tournament starting up today.  Lots of hoopla.  Go figure.

We’ll call it the Men’s World Cup … to distinguish it from the actual World Cup, which is slated to take place in Germany next year!

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