So, I was a Day Off

Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher (at 47) to ever beat the Yankees, as the Phillies notched a win and began to make their comeback from their skidding ways.  Meanwhile, RPE got to watch the Red Sox beat the Diamondbacks … and move a little closer to the Yankees (and Rays) in the standings.

Tonight the Celtics have a do-or-die game with the suddenly resurgent Lakers.  Will it be Kobe or an actual basketball team that wins out in the end?  Will Jack Nicholson be feeling that this is as good as it gets … or scrawling red rum and howling maniacally in the end?  And how will Alice be feeling (aside from sleep-deprived) in the end?  We shall see.

I am happy to share that the whole Cornblog clan (minus yours truly) has been busily at work installing and finishing off new windows at the lake.

They have done some beautiful work … and by all reports the place is now MUCH less porous … and JordanCornblog is already plotting her November visit and thinking she’ll be nice and cozy … even if it snows!

As you can see from the photos, the sills were fashioned out of old stair treads that HollyCornblog had salvaged and saved … realizing that they would have a purpose sometime.

Don’t they look like they are as old as the hills?  Or at least as old as the house?

I love how the shadows play on the old wood!

Love imagining all the footsteps that traversed it … in its previous life.

Nicely done, guys … and I promise, I will help with SOMETHING … one of these days!

Maybe I’ll be able to help with the wood stacking … yikes, there’s going to be no lack of fuel, is there?!

Onward – I’m off to work!

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2 Responses to So, I was a Day Off

  1. Love your depiction of old wood … I often think the same about other well-used objects … like a blue water pitcher that graced the dinner table for years at a house I lived in after college … the conversations it heard and the stories it could tell!

    But old wood .. how it wears down, smoothes with use, changes color … radiates, as you say … that’s definitely the best!


  2. boltgirl says:

    I love the treads as sills. There’s something so comforting about old wood–it soaks up all its interaction with people when it’s new and then slowly radiates it for the next generations when it’s repurposed. Lemon oil only makes it better.


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