Well, Well, Well …

Sorry Alice – it’s been a tough 24 hours or so for you … with the Celtics losing it in the end, and that weird hijacking of your e-mail account.  (That said, I am very glad to know that you were not mugged in London … so in a strange way, am glad that someone hacked your e-mail to tell a bogus tale.)

Have others out there had this happen … or received these e-mails?  Here’s the message that got sent by the hackers … under the subject line “My Predicament!!!”:

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes.I came down here in London,United Kingdom for a short stay unfortunately i was assaulted at the park by some set of hoodlums at the hotel where I lodged,all cash,credit card and cell phones were stolen from me but fortunately for me I still got my passports with me.

I have been to the embassy to report the case but the police here are not helping matters in any case,and my flight leaves shortly in an hours time but still having problems settling the hotel bills and I won’t be allow to leave by the hotel premises until I settle the bills.



How strange, eh? I don’t quite get the purpose of it … but am glad to know that all is okay on the Alice front (Celtics notwithstanding).  Here’s what the Groton (Massachusetts) Police say about the scam:

Email Scam/Phishing … the “my predicament!!!” email scam “trapped in England”


The Groton Police Department has been made aware of an Email Scam that is going around. The Email will appear to come from someone in your address book. The subject line is “My Predicament!!!”.. DO NOT OPEN THE EMAIL, delete it immediately!

The content of the email pleads you to send money to your friend/family member that is trapped in England after losing wallet/passport etc. Once you have opened the email it sends itself to your entire email address book with your name as the person who is trapped. We urge the public to use caution and always confirm in person/on phone that someone is actually in trouble like this before sending money. Also if you have already opened the email, run an Antivirus program, delete the email, and send a separate email to your friends and family letting them know about the scam. Its good practice to never forward emails to large groups.

I’m running the scan as we speak.  Meanwhile, if anyone gets an e-mail from me saying I’m trapped in England, please know it’s a fake.

I am actually trapped at work!


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