More Rain and a Win for McCain

When at a loss for a title, a rhyme always helps (I say).  Rhymes can also give direction to an otherwise directionless morning.  Had the Phillies won their extra innings game, I’d be writing about that, you can be sure.  But they did not, and I am not.  So there it is.

At least the Braves lost, too.  But poor Cole Hamels!  He continues to pitch beautifully … and to lose … as the Phillies’ offense just won’t produce for him.

Was it something he said?

On the political front, John McCain gets to run again in AZ … and Wonkette has the best write-up I’ve seen so far.  If it takes that much to hang onto your seat … shouldn’t you question what you’re doing and why?  Guess not.  Witness Rick Scott, who spent even more to buy the opportunity to run again in Florida.

It’s all so inspiring!

And then there’s the Miller-Murkowski race in Alaska.  Still too close to call … but it ain’t looking so good for Murkowski.  Shrillness and stupidity appear to be taking the day (again).  How embarrassing for Alaska!  Here’s Mudflats on it all … with an update expected later today!

Light rain continues to fall here in NH … most thankfully.  And Dick continues to tick … or hum.  I’d love to have a nap … but need to get myself moving toward work.


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2 Responses to More Rain and a Win for McCain

  1. You are probably right … that wooosh just going on and on and on … so weird and empty-sounding. I was getting all caught up in the Dick, hum, humming, hummer imagery myself. Probably why I started feeling a little queasy just before leaving for work!


  2. boltgirl says:

    I suspect it is more of an extended whooooosh.


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