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Hello! **

I welcome myselfJoyfully to my own life.Now let’s have some fun. ** Me with my father’s mother. Sadly, we were taught by our mother to devalue Nana’s warmth. But I see that my heart truly experienced it early on.

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Tyre Nichols

A man in Tennessee was stopped by the police. He is dead now. He had a website. On his “About” page he wrote: WELCOME THE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES Hey guys,  My name is Tyre D. Nichols. I am an … Continue reading

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Morning Sun!

Oh, what a gift theMorning can be as bright sunRises merrily.

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Upsetta with Meta

The news that Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) are restoring the twice-impeached ex-reality-TV con-man’s accounts tipped me over into making a decision that I’ve been mulling for quite some time. So yesterday evening I happily deleted my Facebook and Instagram … Continue reading

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Another Goddamn Haiku

You don’t need to judge Or be in danger to have Boundaries. It’s OK.

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Tableau — 1/19/75

It’s a surreal moment, stilled now in memory. How she left, and how we lived. In the wee hours of that dark January, my mother woke up in distress and called out for help. This was not a new or … Continue reading

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Note to Self

You don’t have to make Every thought you have into A goddamn Haiku!

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Philly Sound — The Real Thing

Betcha by golly wow, me and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on. (Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing, Baby)

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Radio Love

I see I’ve always Sought a love that can’t exist. Old life’s old learning.

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Childish Competition

I reach for something I neither need nor really Want. Ancient reflex.

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